Herman Miller Aeron ChairBack pain is not a life-threatening issue, but it sure can be a life-changing one.  When you are experiencing back pain, you don’t function as well as you did before the back pain.  There are simple steps that you can take to avoid these pains, and purchasing ergonomic chairs for back pain is the best place to start.

Ergonomic chairs are ones that are designed with functionality in mind.  The chairs are not fancy.  In fact, some look pretty weird; but, these chairs are structured with modifications that allow for the utmost in comfort when utilizing them.   They have several features that are meant to prevent or at least reduce the occurrence of your back pain.

One feature of ergonomic chairs for back pain is an adjustable height mechanism.  This allows you to adjust how high the seat is from the floor, meaning you can have your feet touch the floor or not.  This also allows you to change the length that your arms have to reach when working for long periods at the computer.  This helps to reduce strain on various parts of the body and helps alleviate the pain associated with these strains.

You can also alleviate back stress with this type of adjustment.  It helps to prevent future back ailments by having adjustable heights.  The height of the back of the chair should match the height of your own back, thus being ergonomically designed just for you to help with the types of strains that you have while working and adjusting to the needs of your own body.  There will be contours on the back of the chair, such as for lumbar support, that need to meet the contours of your back in order to support your back properly.

Some ergonomic chairs for back pain also have adjustable widths.  Not everyone has the same trunk sizes, which means that this being adjustable is important for keeping your body in the correct positioning to alleviate stress on your own pressure points.  Posture is very important when working in an office job, and an ergonomically designed chair will help you maintain your body’s correct posturing.

Some chairs also have adjustable depth, meaning you can adjust the distance from the front to the back of the chair.  You want there to be at least two to four inches of space from the seat to the back of the knees.

A swivel is a very important part of a good office chair, as well.  It allows much more convenient performing of tasks.  You also do not have to strain to reach things around or near your office desk.  This will help you avoid having unnecessary back pain and strains in your arms, neck, or back.

Perhaps the best part of an ergonomic chair is the angle adjuster.  This allows for the angle of your seating to be adjusted, so if you want to lay back and relax on your break, this allows you to do so.  Ergonomic chairs for back pain may be just what the doctor ordered.