Herman Miller Aeron Chair Lumbar PadYou are not doing your body right if you work within an office seated for many hours a day in seating that is not appropriate.  By sitting in a chair that does not offer the correct amount of back support, many regions of stress are created throughout the body.  Regions such as the back, shoulders, and neck suffer greatly.  This is because your posture is incorrect when seated this way.  This puts unnecessary pressure on the discs of your back.  When you slouch or bend, it loads these discs with more pressure than when you are walking, believe it or not.  It also puts tremendous strain on the soft tissues and joints.  This is why if you are not using the correct back support office chair, you may be suffering from pain and discomfort.

Your backbone has a natural curvature to it.  It slightly curves in toward the stomach in the area near the lower back.  A back support office chair provides this curve so as to support the natural positioning of the back.  If you do not have this support throughout the day, it is hard to maintain your back’s natural curve.

Many people believe that it is proper to sit up straight.  While some may believe that this is what creates proper back posture, it couldn’t be further from the truth.  Sitting up straight as an arrow can put a lot of unneeded pressure on your back.  Over long periods of time, your muscles in this area can become weak due to this constant strain.  As your lumbar region becomes weaker, your head and upper body will lean forward to compensate, leading to further posture deterioration.

Having the right office chair will give you the support you need for your lumbar region.  So, if you are working in a position that requires you to be seated for long periods of time, the proper chair can help you keep your back in shape.

Your back is not the only part of your body that will suffer from improper posture.  The chair that you decide to use has to have more features than simply back support.  In other words, a chair that has arm and elbow support is also required.  This is to ensure that the entire upper body remains in the correct position.  The height of the back support office chair must also be just right to ensure that the feet reach the ground for proper posture.  Computer furniture, desk and your PC must also be situated properly.  If these are placed poorly, you will have to lift your head in order to be able to see the screen, placing more undue stress on your body.

Before purchasing the chair that you will use, be sure to read about its specific qualities.  The most important features that you should be seeking are an adjustable back support with lumbar support, a swivel feature, as well as elbow and neck support.  Sitting in a chair is the best way to know whether it is the right chair for you.